Football is one of the wealthiest games known worldwide and is one of the most entertaining games in sports history.

In recent times, there are many championships and many events that bring people together from different countries—playing with high sportsmanship and a spectacular audience.


How did football start?

Walter Camp, known as the father of American football, created “Football.” In 1869, he invented football, and it was also the first year where the football game was recorded.

It was played between the two teams of a college- The Princeton University students and The Rutgers student. It was played in the college of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.


Camp’s plays were of formations and instituted referees. His biggest asset was tackling, which was first introduced in 1888. The allowance of hitting the players below the waist made the game more violent and brutal. It was known as an offensive strategy,” the flying wedge,” an entire team of ten players would stand in front of one ball in the wedge form.

Almost a ban!

After the severe injuries and half deaths in 1906, football was almost banned. But the Present Theodore Roosevelt tool a chance to save this game and convinced the college representatives to take strict rules to make this game less dangerous so that the injuries may not happen frequently.

Official game

For the first time in 90 years of football, college football gained popularity more than pro football. The game was all about the rivalries between the colleges and a tradition. Around 80 years ago, more than 50000 fans attending a college game was not an unusual incident. During the same time, NFL games officially began in 1920 were able to draw only 5000 fans.


NFL games

In the 1960s, the NFL games started gaining equal popularity as college football when NFL started being telecasted on televisions. But it took decades to equal college football. Even today, many colleges in the US support those colleges more than the NFL official clubs.


Since the first football game played at Rutgers University in New Jersey in 1869, the ball has evolved steadily and is different. After the legalization of the forwarding pass in 1906, till the ball took the present ball’s shape and size in 1935, the pass was a non-play. The first ball was round, just like the soccer ball. It was rough and awful to throw. The new watermelon-sized ball wasn’t much easier to throw in 1874. But it became common, the laterals and short flips.

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